I Finally Decided to Walk in My Purpose | Living, Learning and Growing with Chi Ilochi #1

For so many years I’ve used the excuse “I hate being the center of attention.” I never looked at it for what it really was; an excuse. I just saw it as my truth. And the truth being, I didn’t like to be the center of attention. I preferred being lowkey and behind the scenes. Don’t get me wrong, being lowkey isn’t a bad thing, but for me, it became one. I always knew that my talents in singing, writing, and fashion weren’t any where I could put on a mask, and go to work. They called me to be seen, whether I liked it or not. But here’s the catch, my personality at the time wouldn’t allow it.

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Interviewing our Inaugural Five: The Offerings Interview Series 001

We are celebrating all month long the end to the Ofrendas Press hiatus while we waited for our EIC Krizia to complete her undergraduate degree. Now she’s a Pitt graduate and can focus on her craft. Today, we have a new addition to the site, the Offerings Interview series, hosted on our blog. With each issue we publish, we will interview the women who contribute to our site. In addition to getting to know Ofrendas writers, we will interview Latinx creatives, experts in the publishing field, and many others. In the first post of the series, we are interviewing Abigail, Chi, Ingrid, Katy, and Sarah. Their work was published in our inaugural online issue of Ofrendas Online, in March. Each woman were asked the same question and here are their collective responses.

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All good things have a beginning.

Earlier this month, we launched our new website and the first issue of Ofrendas Online with poetry and visual art by five very talented women—Abigail, Chi, Ingrid, Katy and Sarah. In addition, we revealed our first book. Dominicana Americana is a collection of poetry and prose that serves as a testament of our Editor-in-Chief, Krizia and her journey to discover herself as she matures into a young adult in the United States.

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