Changes come from introspection.

Changes come from introspection.

This august, we are celebrating our 6 month website launch anniversary! Ofrendas Press is still in a very developmental stage as I figure out how I want this platform to function, how to build a community, and how showcase my own writing as well as provide that spotlight on other femme/womxn creatives.

Originally, the plan was to publish a print magazine for latinx femmes quarterly accompanied by a monthly online magazine for all womxn, additionally OP is my home base to sell my writing as an independent publisher. That being said, my dreams for Ofrendas Press is easier said then done, and I was in over my head thinking it’d be a piece of cake. In my head I thought, “Oh there aren’t many platforms for our communities (latinx and femme) why not make one and post all over social media. For sure people will come pouring in to submit, to read, to support.” While I did receive support from people across the interest & I appreciate every retweet and every shout out we get, I was wrong for assuming you will be 100 with Ofrendas when I wasn’t offering 100 to you in return.

In these past 6 months, I’ve learned to look at the patterns that have shown themselves to me in varies ways. I learned that I must build my audience’s trust before expecting to receive endless email submissions. Also since I don’t have the capabilities to provide compensation (I’m a recent graduate with a lot of debt) I need to be creative with how I give back to you. Last but not least, I learned that being consistent is key to success. With all that I’ve observed in these 6 months, there will be changes to our site and our business model described below:

  • Our print magazine will now be published yearly every March. This allows our editorial and design teams to work in their own pace to ensure a premium product, gives our contributors to submit their best work and not be rushed, and provides ample time to generate funds to award our contributors.

  • Ofrendas Online will publish creatives as they are submitted. Expect a faster response and frequent postings.

  • As a self-publisher, I will be producing a range of content from a column on Ofrendas Online to a mini-chapbook series.

  • To grow our community, free workshops and a writer’s group to be held digitally on our site and locally in Pittsburgh.

The learning never stops. In these coming 6 months, I will continue to work on building this community I dream about.

Thank you for all the support!



All good things have a beginning.