What Am I Afraid Of? by Chi Ilochi

Is it the exploration of self

Is it the fear that he won’t feel love how you felt


Life has me turning, spinning, gripping for something cold

Something that brings me sense of control

When realizing I didn’t have as much as I know

Who am I really I ask from time to time

And I want the real answer not the surface level lie

You are colorful

You are bold

You are caring

You are bubbly

You are genuine

And for years it’s taken you to love the skin you’re in

Or embrace who you are now

Without a scowl that you could be better

Simply mere contentment that you are who you are in the midst of life's fast hooks

Left and right it takes my body

But my soul remains whole

If I can withstand what I’ve withstood

What is there to be afraid of ?

Is it the knowing that you are indeed that strong and that there is nothing for you to be afraid of

Simply fears created in the mind


But I know that fear is something that will never show what I’m capable of

Talk and talk about fears and insecurities

Never put me in first place in life’s race

And it’s not okay competitive or not

Guarantee I would hold my own if fear is simply not

So what am I afraid of

Discomfort by Chi Ilochi

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