Hashtag Games | Juegos de Hashtag by Megha Sood

Hashtag Games | Juegos de Hashtag by Megha Sood

Jugamos juegos de hashtag

cada vez que la maldad se rasca la barriga 

y el hambre juega en su lengua viperina

cada vez en cuando 

con repeticiones incesantes 

una etiqueta para cada sobreviviente

un sello para cada día 

esta que llega a ser viral

marchitando la cara de su verdad cenicienta 

justicia demorada es justicia negada 

eso dicen,

oídos duelen con la violencia resonando

retumbando en el vacío

de esta sinfonía tácita de un dolor debilitante

un sólo día para lamentar la pérdida 

donde alguna niña se arrepiente de la vida

aspiraciones se rompen y son pulverizados

muriendo una muerte silenciada 

el día cambia

atrocidad cambia de máscara 

buscamos un nuevo hashtag

dolor cambia de silueta

Una marcha nueva,

una ruta nueva para seguir

nuevas cartulinas para pintar 

nuevos colores para escoger 

hasta que encontramos un nuevo nivel bajo 

Para jugar juegos de hashtag

victimas cambian de cara 

el autor sigue siendo el mismo.

translated by Lizz Flo

We play hashtag games

every time the evil scratches its belly

and hunger plays on its forked tongue

every now and then

with incessant replays

A tag for very survivor

a label for every day

till it goes viral

smears the face with its ashen truth

justice delayed is justice denied

they say,

ears pain of the resonating violence

reverberating in the vacuum

on this unspoken symphony of debilitating pain

a day to mourn the loss

where some girl regrets life

dreams are broken and pulverized

dying a muted death

the day changes

atrocity changes masks

we look for a new hashtag

pain morphs

takes a new shape

A New March,

a new route to follow

new placards to paint

new colors to choose

We keep strangulating our moments

life being squeezed out of it

Black Mondays and Dark Fridays

the debilitating pain

till we find the new low.

We play hashtag games

victims changes faces

perpetrator remains the same.

Megha Sood lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is a contributing author/editor at GoDogGO Cafe, Candles Online, Free Verse Revolution, Whisper and the Roar, Poets Corner and contributing editor at Ariel Chart.
Her works have been featured in 521 Magazine #Sideshow, Oddball, Pangolin review, Fourth and Sycamore,KOAN ( Paragon press),Modern Literature, Visual Verse, Vita Brevis, Modern poetry, Spill words Press, Indian periodicals, Literary heist, Little Rose Magazine, The Quiet Corner, Writer's Cafe Magazine, and coming up in Dime Show review,Piker Press, The Stray branch and many more. Her poetry has recently been published in the anthology "We will not be silenced" by Indie Blu(e) Publishing, "All the Lonely People" by Blank Paper Press and upcoming in three other anthologies by the US, Australian and Canadian Press.
She recently won the 1st prize in NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Mental Health Poetry contest. She blogs at https://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/

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